Personalized guided meditations- energy release&recharge

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Energy release guided meditation by Heather

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I am now offering personalized half hour guided meditations. Do you have something on your mind you’d like to let go? Cleanse and feel restored after shedding that which does not serve you. Feel grounded and connected to mother earth and recharged by father sun. I guide you through a energy release, healing process that will help you feel recharged and renewed. My voice will take you through a spiritual journey into a majestic state. Open your mind and stimulate your pituitary gland allowing your 3rd eye to grow through this relaxing process. This can be done via phone, skype or in person. We do not need to discuss what you want to release as it does not affect the process it is optional. I want this to be a comfortable purging that can clear blockages and allow energy to flow more freely.


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