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Comprehensive Kundalini Yoga


Balance our brain and emotions with kundalini yoga

Each class is fully comprehensive and is designed for all levels. These are not intense sweat yoga classes.
These gentle classes focus on prosperity, well being, clarity, brightening our field, and tuning our being – mentally, physically, and energetically
Class is mostly sitting on the floor and focuses on pranayama (breath), mantra (sound), mudra (hand positions) and simple basic kriya (action) anyone can do.

Kundalini is the life force that runs up our spines we learn to identify and harness this energy as well as give ourselves a basic tune up

Because we hold these classes in our home, this is a private invite only class so if you do not know us and want to be invited, please send us a link to your site or profile so we can get to know you as well. We enjoy meeting new people and welcome like minded individuals to join our Conscious Evolution Revolution!

This class is usually taught by Kent Petersen in a early format of Yogi Bhajan teachings, as taught by Ram Dass Bir Singh Khalsa. This format is unique than more common current formats in the way things are thoroughly explained and demonstrated. It is mostly seated yoga so no mat needed and we have bolsters and pillows but you are more than welcome to bring your own to sit on.

Class times vary but are usually Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Contact Kent for more details.

Classes open to the public available in Santa Ana, Ca. with Ram Dass Bir Singh Khalsa

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