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Relax: recipe for a stress free life

Yes it is possible to actually live a less stressful life. Though every so often you may find yourself falling back to the old anxious ways but learning to override that is what Kent and I have spent the last several years learning.

One way that absolutely helped change my method of thinking that has increased the joy in my life even more is by more deliberately following my excitement. Allowing excitement to guide me consciously and making that a commitment. Following excitement leads to more excitement. I find self introspection so that I learn my preferences makes it much easier.

Learning to be more mindful. What does that mean? Slowing down and breathing so that your mind and body are in a state of harmony. When you take the time to be mindful of yourself, the world around you becomes much easier in general because you are in a more peaceful state of mind. It also makes following excitement much easier.

Another way is to be aware of the fact that ultimately “you know what you need to know when you need to know it”, a quote by Kent Petersen I find extremely helpful.

Also a quote by me that I live by “live in the present, it is a present”. Knowing that we all have our balance of qualities and “there is no good or bad but thinking makes it so”, A quote by Ram Das Bir Singh Khalsa one of our beloved and wise teachers.

Here are some other articles with other ideas to help: Happiness  and Energy healing

We are all on our paths and as long as we learn from our mistakes, we are evolving. It is best to send ourselves love and be forgiving knowing we are a part of the infinite collective consciousness and are divine just as we are. Love yourself and the world is a reflection of that love.

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