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Conscious Evolution Revolution is about thoughtful evolution and bringing expansive information, ideas and people together to raise the vibration of the planet! I am Heather Purple and Kent Petersen is my life partner and together  with our friends we have created this idea of a movement of gathering like minded individuals so we can grow and evolve together by sharing ideas to help each other and the planet as well as ourselves so we can reflect and create solutions.

We all affect each other. There is proof that our intentions change the environment around us. We can thank people like the late Dr. Masaru Emoto who gave us water experiments to scientifically prove it.

Through conscious thought, we can grow a higher state of mind, a higher state of being. Mindfulness, meditation, laughter, yoga are just some of the ways to heighten your vibration.

Co create a happier, more evolved state of being! Our private consultations can awaken a deeper sense of being and bring a state of peacefulness within.

This site was inspired by family and people around us we love that we want to share information with but we often overwhelm or have so much to say it’s too much to remember so we created this site to share this information from our experiences so there’s always somewhere to go.  We come from a place of love.

On this site we share our ideas. We invite you to join us and comment!

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