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Eyes exercises

4 easy eye exercises to improve vision

I thought I’d share some of the eye exercises I have been doing since I took yoga in college. I have not had my eyeglass prescription increase much over the last ten years. If I did them more often I may not have needed any increase at all. I have been doing them more often because I don’t like to baby my eyes, I’d rather strengthen my vision by using my eye muscles and building them slowly and my vision has improved! A friend also did these and actually improved his eyeglass prescription after years of wearing glasses, it worked for us! Here are some useful and easy anywhere tips so you can do the same thing:

Start with only a round of one in each direction then increase one more round every 4 or 5 days as you do them or else you can get a headache from overworking your eye muscles. It only takes a minute, go slow.

  1. Eye circles, one in each direction to start.
  2. Look and focus on something close like your thumb then something far away, at least 10 feet but as far as you can see clearly to focus your vision.
  3. Look right to left then do the same in each direction diagonally as well as up and down so that’s a total of 4 directions.
  4. Now that you are done with all of these, rub your palms together and place the fleshy part over your closed eyes and allow your eyeballs to sink into the back of your skull for at least a minute.


Sat Nam

-Heather Purple

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