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4 reasons to eat Sourdough bread

Wheat contains gluten that is linked to many health problems. The process of fermentation reduces and eliminates gluten while providing probiotics and enzymes our bodies use to break down our food.

Sourdough is a fermented bread product. 

  1. Fresh Sourdough contains probiotics that heal our gut and detoxifies us from gluten.
  2. Fresh baked sourdough involving a live fermented culture is best.
  3. The cultures in the sourdough eat the wheat gluten and detoxify our gut
  4. The enzymes in sourdough help us break down food we eat allowing us to absorb more nutrition from our food

We get our Sourdough bread from Bezian Bakery at our local farmers market

Here is a link to website which shows how to make our own sourdough bread. We haven’t tried out the recipe yet. Let us know how it works for you.

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