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Recipe: Peanut butter and fruit sandwich

One of my favorite snacks growing up was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As we explored unprocessed chemical-free food options we found we could create a delicious version of the snack.

  • Sourdough bread – This bread is probiotic. Our favorite is Fresh baked from Bezian Bakery at our local farmer’s market.
  • Nut butter of your choosing – My favorite is cashew butter. Peanut butter is popular too.
  • Chopped fresh fruit – Organic local seasonal fruit. For us strawberries and bananas are wonderful.
  • Honey – Local raw honey has many benefits. It can help reduce season allergies.

We prefer open faced toasted sandwiches. Smear on desired amount of nut butter. Drizzle honey on the nut butter and smooth it in with the knife. Place freshly chopped fruit on nut butter. Drizzle honey on top of fruit. Enjoy!



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