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9 Simple things anyone can do for thier digestive health – Start Here

Here are 9 Simple things I did for my Digestive Health to Eliminate Crohn’s Colitis symptoms from my life

Many people ask me what I did to eliminate get rid of Crohn’s. Over the years I wrote down ideas that really helped myself as well as many others out.  A few years back, I put together this list of the best 9 simple things that helped my guts out.

  1. Eat during active hours
    I recommend eating the largest meal during active hours about 4-6 hours before sleep time. I suggest eating the last meal or snack at least 2-3 hours before sleeping. Something light like a piece of fruit  makes a great evening snack. Our digestive system gets it’s rest when it is no longer processing food. Before I adopted this rule, I would wake up throughout the night or an hour or two before I wanted to wake up. After cutting out late night snacking I found it much easier to sleep through the night and reduce extra time spent in the bathroom.
  2. Drink more water! Especially in the morning and night
    Drink water, LOTS of water. I drink water 99% of the time. I cut soda and other drinks, like juice or alcohol. Drinking water keeps everything flowing right. Anytime I feel backed up I counter it with more water. Anytime my stool is a little soft, drink more water to counter the losses.

    I find drinking a large amount of water (32 oz+) in the morning really helps make the whole day go smoother. Throughout the day I try to keep a constant consumption of water up. During the day I drink every time I think about water. You don’t have to chug a cup of water every time you think of it but at least take a sip. I think sipping water all day every day was one of the best things I did for my digestion. At night I drink a large amount of water (32+ oz) before bed.

    I learned that drinking extra water before bed would provide me with enough water to make that first morning bowel movement go a lot smoother. Drinking extra water (32+ oz) shaved about 5-15 minutes off my morning bathroom visit.

    If you are exercising drink extra water to counter out the loss of fluids
  3. Eliminate fast food, processed foods,  concentrated sugars from my diet
    Diet matters… a lot. Everything you eat seriously affects you. Every doctor I went to told me diet didn’t matter. They told me there wasn’t a specific diet that would help my digestion. Even the Crohn’s Disease specialist dietitian I visited had no food advice for me. Through trial and error and keeping a food log, I found it’s as simple as this, put crap into your system and you will get crappy health back. Put healthy natural foods into your system and you will become a healthy person. Be mindful of what you are intolerant to. I found when symptoms are more active I could not tolerate most foods. As my digestion improved and my intestines became stronger, I was able to consume a larger variety of foods which allowed me to eat healthier foods that I once could not like fruit and veggies. Take it slow and focus on meals that don’t cause pain or discomfort. Let some of your favorite meals that irritate your bowels go for now. Once you are healthy again you may find that you tolerate those foods better.

    When I began cutting crap from my diet, I stopped eating at any place that made me sick. I put them on my shit list. Make sure you stop eating fast food. Eat mostly real food and less filler. I only consider plants, animals, mushrooms, herbs, and spices, real food. Everything else is filler. Have the courage to stop eating processed foods including sugary fried things like donuts, cakes, and pastries. Cut caffeine including soda and energy drinks. Give up anything with visible grease on the surface of the food.

    The more processed, chemically modified, preservative filled the food was, the more sickly I became. The more organic, chemically clean, and as close to a natural the food was, the healthier I became.
  4. Get more sunlight
    Sunlight is essential for life. Sunlight helps cells regenerate and helps with digestion. Sunlight is packed full of vitamins that your body needs.

    If you are not used to sunlight start small like a few minutes and gradually increase the time you spend in the sun a little each day. Too much at once may cause sunburn. You may want to use sunblock or avoid spending so much time at once in the sun.
  5. Walk daily as physical activity
    Walking is great for clearing your head and getting your body moving. I found that when I stayed inactive for too long either in the bathroom or at a computer I would have an increase in cramps and pain. Just a little bit of moving goes a long ways towards feeling better.

    Walk after eating. A nice slow walk about 15 – 60 min will do wonders for your digestion. I found that walking prevented cramps and released painful gas buildup and relieves constipation. Chinese culture encourages slow walks after meals.
  6. Take More Conscious Deep Even length Breaths
    Take at least 3 deep complete conscious breaths a day. Breath from your diaphragm. Inhale deeply. and Allow your belly to expand out. Imagine the air filled with energy and life going all the way down to your toes. Feel it energize you.  Exhale fully, Allow the navel to gently pull in. Imagine the old toxic air leaving your system. Practice making the inhales and exhales even length.Take a moment throughout your day and take 3 deep breaths and notice the difference of how you feel.Deep breathing gets more oxygen in your system which helps your body heal. It purifies the blood  and flushes toxins from our system. I can not begin to stress how helpful deep breathing is. Matt Furey, a Author of Combat Conditioning says, “Deep Breathing alone can make a weak man strong and a sick man well”
  7. Relax to reduce Stress levels
    Your digestion functions best when you are in a calm and relaxed state. Avoid stressful activities. If stress is unavoidable (and it often is) take a moment to relax and take a few deep breaths while working on the stressful task. Life is too short to live like that. Stress affect health. Learn stress management techniques
  8. Get more sleep
    This one may be difficult right now but you want to get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible. Your body does most of its repairing during a good nights sleep. It has been proven that the body delays wound healing with sleep deprivation. Most adults need between 6 – 8 hours of sleep a night. You will most likely need more if you are currently healing. The human body recovers best when it has received its healthy balance of nutritional foods and a good nights sleep.

    Avoid being full before sleeping. This allows your organs to rest and can give you a greater chance of sleeping through the night
  9. Create a food log

    It took me years before I took the time to write a food log. After I finally did the results were stunning. What I should and should not eat became very obvious. The food log is essential because it helps you learn how the different foods affect yourself. Everybody reacts differently to different foods. Don’t rely on other peoples opinions about what you should eat. Don’t rely on your memory. Use your food log to accurately determine the best course of action for yourself. Stay away from foods that make you sick. Stay away from foods that cause pain.

    Keep a food log to:

    Find out what foods you can easily digest

    Find out what foods make you feel pain

    Find out what foods make you gassy

    Find out what foods make you feel better

    Find out how long it takes different foods to make it through your digestion system

    Find out what foods increase the amount of bowel movements you have

    Find out what foods reduces the amount of bowel movements you have

    Find out what foods, chemicals, or ingredients you may have an intolerance to


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