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Alignment is key for a healthy, painless physical well being. Having healed myself through yoga, it was my goal to be able to teach anyone yoga, that is what lead me to focus my practice and study Iyengar yoga as well as Kundalini and other forms of yoga for many years.

Bodily awareness is key to understanding one’s body and learning muscular control. The basis for this however stems from self love. It is the essential to develop a regular practice to grow from.

Yoga is about unifying the body and mind. Each pose is a seat of meditation with breath leading the way. I am a guide helping those I can to find that union, inner peace and confidence.

Specializing in alternative health solutions through various holistic mediums. I enjoy exploring different ways to approach concerns. I have helped people with all kinds of various issues through energy release and yoga. I have many modalities and different approaches. Sign up for a session

Please do not hesitate to include a short description of yourself and any unconventional topics in your introductory email.

My skill set is quite vast. Some things I do guided by my intuition.

  • I have studied Eastern Philosophy and practiced Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga and Hatha yoga for over 20 years. Completed 200 hour training and then continued to formally apprentice in Iyengar for over 3 years as well as take classes, workshops and personal practice daily.
  • Food as medicine. Learn to adapt to a more beneficial diet. Cravings tell us what we need. Learn to eat what you crave in a ways that are good for you.
  • Alternative medicine such as Ancient Chinese Herbs and other plant based healing medicines.
  • Balance is the goal for the ultimate neutrality. Through yoga and meditation I can help one attain a sense of balance resulting in a peaceful state of mind.
  • Energy work. Raising the vibration of the planet to a higher level of consciousness is what I am on this planet to do. Reiki certified
  • Consciousness technology- Matrix Energetics certified. Learn to recognize and create reality shifts and how to use them to your benefit. You are in control of your world!
  • Where ever you may be on your journey in this life, my experience is not to judge but to help empower others to cultivate more self love. I have a lot to share with you!

Contact me now for some one on one insight that will change your life for the better! 

My private consultations include:

  • Discussing concerns and finding the most comfortable ways to engage this process.
  • Which yoga poses are best for you and which ones you can learn to do on your own.
  • Developing a diet that may be more beneficial depending on lifestyle and goals.
  • Emotional concerns, I have counseled victims of trauma for over ten years. With my own personal experience as well as my experience helping others to heal, I have lots of insight, strength and wisdom to help others find their light.
  • Yoga can open us up in lots of ways and bring things to surface.
  • I want you to leave me with a deeper understanding of yourself and feeling of well being.

The private consultations I offer are: Goddess Empowerment, Healing, yoga, nutritional coaching, guided meditations, spiritual  and couple counseling.
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One hour private sessions with  both Heather Purple and Kent Petersen are available – Personal evaluation to help you understand your body better

One hour private yoga sessions available

I teach Thursday mornings at 8:30AM at Liberation Yoga on La Brea in Los Angeles. My classes often become a bit of a workshop for building functional strength that focuses on alignment.



Sat Nam Wahe Guru!   Namaste! May all beings everywhere be happy and in abundance and peace!

If one is in need, I am here to tell you there is an abundance of love for you right here, right now. Self love can heal all wounds!


Thank you, Heather Purple, for the yoga class. I tried yours for the first time and loved it. Your knowledge and caring ways made class enjoyable and challenging. I love the emphasis on connecting the mind, spirit and body; and the tips you give for developing poses will continue to help me as I continue my study of yoga. I look forward to another class and appreciate so much your unique, in-depth teaching. -Jane Jewell 

Thanks again for your one-on-one coaching. I am aware of my posture because of your guidance. Namaste.  -Christina Michelle Evigan

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