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Sat nam

My name is Kent Petersen.
It excites me to inspire you and guide you through awakening your greatest capacity to transform, unlock, and activate your highest potential more easily than ever before

I’m a yogi personal trainer specializing in integrating mind power & Alignment based functional mobility. I’m  offering customized personal practices based on 14 years of yoga, karate, meditation, and nutrition.
I teach how to soothe and restore your body,
Develop functional strength, functional flexibility, functional mobility,
Develop alignment, mental focus, clarity, creativity


Yoga is freedom freedom within ourselves. Freedom to be our best in this moment. Karate is interactive flow. Gracefully moving from one circumstances to this next taking each challenge as it comes, no expectations, no thoughts. Together they form a mastery of self.

A master is one who is intentional in every breath of every moment, in any circumstance, situation, or condition


Through Karate we develop distance, timing,  internal power, self respect, self discipline, self control, propreoception, awareness of our suuroundings, to move and act in flow, synchronizing our movements with our breath. It is a physical science and art

Yoga is tuning in, revealing what is already there, and freedom. Freedom within our body. Freedom to move with grace and ease. Freedom from our mind. Freedom to make better choices. Yoga develops strength of body and mind. Yoga recharges and restores us. Yoga brightens our essence and connects us with who we really are


Customized private lessons available for any body and any skill level in person or video chat / skype
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  • Black belt in Shaolin Kempo
  • 200 hour yoga alliance certified
  • Anatomy, physiology, medically trained
  • CPR certified
  • Completed 10 day vipassana meditation course
  • Matrix Energetics Certified

In depth Knowledge of Ayurveda, pressure points and tantric numerology.

Schedule a session with Both Heather Purple and I, together our teachings are far more insightful and comprehensive than when we are solo. Sign up here

Check out my videolog of transforming IBD Crohn’s Colitis to health & radiance in months. Medical doctors told me I would never recover
But I did
I stopped listening to them and continued learning about well being. Now more than one doctor has said I knew more than them. I recover by using the power of my mind, eating organic chemical free food, and following my joy

I enjoy sharing and teaching what I am excitedly learning.
I love Kundalini yoga. Especially pranayama, creative visualization, nad, and raj yoga. Kundalini yoga  as taught by Ram Dass Bir Singh Khalsa in Santa Ana, who studied under the late Yogi Bhajan, is a powerful experience. I am excited to teach this powerful science to help us wake up balance and align our 10 bodies, 8 chakras, 5 tattvas, 3 gunas, and become more and more healthy, wealthy, and wise.
I love alignment based hatha yoga. It has allowed me to heal my broken body from years of contact martial arts training. It has allowed me to grow into my body and begin the fullest me I can be. Special thanks to Anthony Bennanati for taking the time to teach me what I need to know and truly understanding where I am at. Special thanks to Heather Purple for doing yoga all day every day with me.

I love consciousness technology. I love Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka.  I have spoke with him 3 times. His perspective and beautiful messege has deeply inspired me and has driven me to experience my dreams.

I love White Tantric Yoga. They say one day of white tantric yoga is comparable to a year of practicing kundalini yoga every day. During White Tantic hundreds of kundalini yogis link up and stare into their partners eyes and perform powerful venus kriyas. Heather Purple and I have completed 3 together.
I love Abraham Hicks. I love her Emotional Guidance System and her rampages of love.
I love Matrix Energetics. Dr. Richard Bartlett’s teaching has allowed me to supercharge and accelerate every practice in my life. Heather Purple and I have received 4 certificates in Matrix Energetics.
I love Psycho Cybernetics. This was where it all started for me. Maxwell Maltz identified the self image and taught a powerful science of how to change our self image and ultimately change the way we interact with our world.
I love Shaolin Monks and Shaolin Kempo. They inspired me to dream big and know that anything that may seem magical or impossible is achievable when broken into one comfortable step at a time.
I love Vipassana meditation. Completing a silent 10 day meditation course where we sit still for 10 hours a day for 10 days, with no spoken word, written word, eye contact, hand gestures, or modern technology  is one of the most valuable experiences I have completed in my life for my mind, body, and soul. I no longer have a monkey mind jumping from thought to thought. My mind focuses as I wish it to.
I love Burning Man. I have been a resident of Black Rock City since 2008 and have returned 7 times to the best city on earth. It is a temporary experimental city and society.

Check out this game I made a few years back. I am interested in converting it into a mobile game. Contact me if you are an interested mobile app developer.


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