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3 Free essentials to be Happy Healthy and Wise

We are beings experiencing a physical experience. Much like a car needs oil, gas, running battery, maintenance, our physical bodies function better when they are provided with certain things . Here are 3 free essentials to be happy healhty and wise. Also check out the post 6 Steps for achieving perfect health

  1. Sunlight. The sun provides us energy for life. The sun warms our bodies and provides vitamins for us. Toxins in our body limit our intake of energy and vitamins from the sun.

  2. Earth. Grounded earth. The earth grounds us. It absorbs electrical charge. It restores peace of mind and removes free radicals and toxins from our body. Resting upon the earth under the stars resets circadian rhythm.
  3. Passion. Excitement enthusiasm. Allow excitement to be the organizing principle and driving engine of your life. Make the commitment to follow your highest excitement to the best of your ability with no insistence or expectation of the outcome in ever moment that you can. Watch your life transform in exciting magical ways.


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