(1 hour) Private session with Both Kent and Purple

Allow Kent and Heather to guide you through a consciousness evolution revolution. Transform many aspects of your life to come into alignment with your body, mind and soul.


Together we have over 35 years of combined experience. What we share is vast and ever expanding. There is no limit to the possibilities we can achieve.


There is a limited availability of 7 more openings for this package


We recommend a Private consultation with Both Purple and Kent (1 hour) before scheduling this private session. The purpose of the consultation is to help us all learn about how to best serve you.


A session with Both Heather Purple and Kent together teaching are far more insightful and comprehensive than when we are teaching solo. These are our most powerful insightful teachings


One hour private sessions with  both Heather Purple and Kent Petersen are $180 on Sale for $100!


We communicate in whatever way works best for you. We can communicate by email, text, video chat, facebook, or in person in our calm home studio in West Hollywood near La Brea and Melrose.


We help empower you to be a more confident and optimal you. This personal lesson is to help you explore and dive deeper into your body and your well being as well as create an ever deeper sense of self.


During the lessons we explore which different methods that resonate best with unlocking your highest potential.

The lesson may include: Going over which yoga poses are best for you and which ones you can learn to do on your own as a personal physical practice, discussion and training of how and what to eat, nutrition, eating plans, Energy release, grounding, meditation, guided meditation, expanding awareness, and more.


We practice and cultivate which ever resonates with you. We help you understand what we teach. We teach you in a way you can use what you learn on your own.


Contact us, stating your current health level and concerns if you have them. Please feel free to include a short description of yourself and any unconventional topics in your introductory email.


We share with you our hard earned secrets that keep us looking and feeling young and alive such as Chinese herbs, super foods, ancient yoga practices and beauty care.


We show you how to cultivate and deepen self love, helping you become more self empowered, more confident and self assured.


We guide you to cleanse and detoxify inside and out, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


We will show you how to clear your mind with meditation and yogic breathing exercises.


We teach mindfulness helping you to become more self aware and aware of others and the space around you. This builds a deeper sense of self which reflects to the world around you.


We suggest and recommend books to read, videos to watch, and information to seek out.


Together we have over 35 years of combined experience. Our daily lives are spent practicing this. What we share is vast and ever expanding. There is no limit to the possibilities we can achieve.


-Kent & Purple



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