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Are you experiencing aches in your body?

Are you experiencing aches in your body? Allow me to soothe you.

I activate pressure points, utilize bio mechanics, break up deep tissue, and integrate energetics into my body work so I can assist in releasing, rebalancing, and realigning your body and bones. I’ll share insights of  what may be affecting you and what you can do about it

My bodywork techniques are based on pressure points, acupressure, reflexology, psycho cybernetics, matrix energetics, Chinese meridians. My understandings of shaolin kempo, yoga, Kundalini, anatomy, physiology, and bio mechanics, mixed with intuition allow me to align the body and release whatever is no longer needed.

Many clients have experienced long lasting beneficial effects

Currently specializing in Hand & Wrist release & alignment 

Lovely Kent,
Your gift of listening to my body & releasing anger, getting to the source in my body, all of it so quickly, gave my body relief from pain I have been in for a month. I didn’t need to tell the whole story just allow your hands to find the points. I let go feel and feel more flow.

Kent Petersen thanks for the tail bone adjustment. Made sitting easier. Now it all the way in place. Thank you again. Made life so much easier.
Zadi Mckinsey

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