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3 ways to connect with others

Doing things you enjoy will help you find others that enjoy similar things to you.

  1. Smile- You just can’t go wrong with a smile! If a person smiles back, it could be a great way to begin small talk by simply making a nice comment about your environment, the persons striking color choice in attire or how perfect the perfect weather is.
  2. Get a hobby- When I started following my joy which lead me to my true path of happiness, I was looking for some new friends. I decided to do something I had been wanting to do for a while, go to yoga teacher training.  It was a great way to bond with a new group of like minded people and enjoy a new healthy habit. Hiking, playing a sport at your local recreation center, going to an organization you enjoy like a temple, church or get involved in local community events by going to your cities website to look them up.
  3. Social Networking-Is a modern, simple way to keep everyone you know in your loop. Instead of sending several texts, emailing various people a picture, now one post can update all your friends and family of how happy you are and how that smile glows on your face. Let’s “face” it and realize it is not going away so we might as well take advantage of these modern technologies. There is even a site called meetups!

After breath, the first action a baby takes is reaching out for another person. Just know that most people will welcome a smile and if not then you granted them a gift of a smile.

We are connected and the more we stimulate communication the more we stimulate each other for expansive ideas. Feel free to reach out and join in our expanding community. Thanks to modern day technologies we are only a click away from each other so the whole planet can connect!

Now go out there and reach out!

-Heather Purple

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