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Some benefits of Martial Arts and Yoga

I have been teaching martial arts since 2001 and yoga since 2012. We believe that martial arts and yoga come from the same origin they have many similarities and both benefit our mind body and soul.

  • Martial Arts teaches Self Respect, Self Control, Self Discipline. It’s about learning how to move and interact with others with out hurting yourself. Having a partner is greatly beneficial for hands on practice and application of the practice.
  • Yoga teaches Self Love, ¬†alignment, being comfortable in one owns body. A practicing partner is not needed.
  • In both systems seek out a knowledgeable teacher. They both enhance body awareness and strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments. My both build internal energy.
  • Both systems develop muscle control, new neuro pathways, and habit patterns
  • Everyone can benefit from the practice of these arts.


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