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5 ways to release energy as healing.

We do so much in our daily lives it’s hard to keep track of your agenda little lone your emotions. Where do we find time to let go of things that could hurt us in other way energetically? That uncomfortable feeling you got when dealing with someone or that car incident that almost gave you a mini heart attack.

Things happen all the time that build up in us and if we don’t take the time and find ways to release that energy it could haunt us later. Energy gets stored inside and needs attention or it can turn into stress, anxiety, bad moods, sleepless night and all kinds of other negative side effects we can’t really even measure.

There is no way to know how these things really effect us. Many people believe in psychosomatics, or illness directly relating to mental state. It’s an interesting idea and something to consider either way. Here are some ways I have learned to deal with negative energy so I can release it and recharge myself with new, clean and productive energy.

  1. Consciously breathe- count your breath. Same count on inhale as exhale and a brief hold in the middle or work up to the same count on hold. Do at least 3 times.
  2. Plug into mother earth- imagine yourself plugging into the earth like a cord grounding yourself into the earth through that connection that is always there.
  3. Meditate- find a place where you can close your eyes for a few moments while you just sit still and allow yourself to simply be. Stillness can quiet the mind.
  4. Physical activity- something you enjoy, even a walk. I prefer yoga.
  5. Communicate- reach out. Find a friend or family member to talk to. Explain to them you just need to vent a little and ask if it’s ok to just talk and let it out.

Contact us now for a guided energy release session to really let go of that which no longer serves you. Live a more care free, peaceful life and feel more complete. Get in touch with your inner self. Learn to meditate on your own so you can do it anytime you need to de-stress. We teach you tools you can use on your own to help improve your life experience.

-Heather Purple

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