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3 Easy natural ways to eliminate gas pains

Many people experience gas pains during thier life. Gas, although it may sound harmless, can be very painful if not released from the body. When I worked in the hospital, gas pains were one of the most common reasons people visited my department, radiology, in the hospital. It can be beneficial to learn how to expel gas and save yourself an expensive trip.

  1. Eat more black pepper –Certain food combinations can create or prevent gas. For example, adding black pepper to food can reduce gas formation and prevent the build up of gas. Also, eating melons with non melons causes digestive disturbances in many. According to food combining charts, melon is based eaten alone.
  2. Do wind removing pose – This yoga pose is one of our bodies natural ways to expel gas. Lay flat on your with your legs extended flat on the ground. Bend one knee and grab it with both hands below the knee. Gently pull the bent leg into your chest. Wait a few seconds. Breath. Relax into it. Repeat with the other leg. Repeat back both sides a couple times.
  3. Exhale deep, long, and strong – This yogic breathing exercise can expel and eliminate gas from our belly. Inhale. Exhale deeply, make a hhhh sound, kinda like your fogging mirror, and gently pull your belly in. Exhale as long as you can. Allow your exhale to be longer than your inhale. If there is a bit of gas built up, the exhale can be surprisingly long. Repeat a few times. Each repetition releases some gas.



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