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How to use mental movies to improve the quality of our now

Consider the idea, what we think about we become?
We can all agree that what we focus on grows in our experience.

We all see mental movies playing in our mind at various times throughout the day. Maybe they are reminding us of a previous moment or wondering the possibilities of future moments. Maybe we are tasting and smelling a delicious food to eat or hearing a song in a stadium. The possibilities are endless and can be surprisingly frequent when we become aware of them.

The way our thoughts feel is the indicator of how it they affect us. Whatever mental movie is playing in our minds before we go about a task instills the task with the feeling of the mental movie. If we are viewing an empowering mental movie our actions will reflect this. We can choose the mental movies our mind plays.

  1. Relax it’s all in your head. Take a moment and find a comfortable place to sit and relax. Take 3 deep complete breaths. Allow your belly to expand fully and contract completely as you complete these breaths. Finding relaxation can transform the mental movies that play in our minds to more enjoyable movies.
  2. Not sure how to choose a mental movie? 
    How exciting? This is a great place to begin.
    From where you are sitting right now, in your mind’s eye, can you see the outside front door of your house. In your mind reach our and touch the door of your house and feel the sensation. Is it cold? What texture is it? What color is it? Did the door open? You are experiencing a mental movie.
    Now, let us amplify this scene. Imagine using all of your senses. What temperature is it? Are you outside or inside? What does the area smell like? Is the air fresh? What does it sound like? Is there a breeze? What time of day is it? Is there a taste in your mouth?
    We can use this approach to select any moment. The moment we view can be from our past, projected future, or our creative imagination. They all have an effect on the way we feel now.
  3. Identify our self image
    Our self image is our perception of our self. When we think of ourselves, a mental movie plays. When we observe this movie it tells us much about what we think of ourselves.
    Imagine yourself. Where are you? What is the expression on your face? What is your mood? How is your posture? What is around you? How is the weather? What time of day is it?
    Our outward image we express in our daily lives reflects that of our perception of self image. We can change our self image by changing the way our mental movies feel. We can do this in our mind. In our mental movie theater we can create new patterns and new habits. We can Feel different. This can change the way we act, feel, and are in our daily experience. What we focus on grows. What we focus on we become
  4. Powerful yogic exercise to Improve the quality of our now
    To begin: Sit comfortably. Place hands on knees. Inhale deeply. Gather up any tension and sigh it out. Inhale deeply. Gather up anything that doesn’t serve you and sigh it out. Inhale deeply. Gather up anything that you might have missed and sigh it out.Inhale deeply. Sit up straight. Focus at your command center, and gently squeeze your body. Pull energy up your spine, out the crown of your head and light up white upon white. Feel it expand out 9 feet in each direction, above you, behind you, in front of you, below you, both sides, bright white like a fluorescent light. Exhale deeply and completely. This will balance our 8 chakras, 5 tattvas, 3 gunas, & power up our aura. The aura is our electromagnetic shield that surrounds & protects us.

    Inhale deeply. Now, imagine the best feeling you can. See it crystallize into a beam of light. Notice it come from the heavens down into the  Crown of your head lighting you up. Feel your body fill with this light and this feeling. Feel it filling every cell of your body. Feel it deep within. Now feel yourself merge into this powerful blissful energetic moment and become it. Feel that it is you. Know that this feeling is you. Deep breath in. Hold it. Hold it. Exhale with a sigh and let the mental imagery go. From your heart center. Notice what you notice. Notice what’s different.


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