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CEvRev at California Consciousness

Yesterday 2/21/16, was a day with lots of fun! Conscious Evolution Revolution had a booth where we were so blessed and enjoyed changing peoples lives at California Consciousness!  It was at Elysian Park in Los Angeles and we were so excited to be involved and see friends and make new ones! Sparky was …

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Breath long and deep

“Breath long and deep to live long and never be a creep” – Ram Das Bir Singh Khalsa Take a moment and observe your breath. Notice how it feels. Is it smooth? Notice how deep it is. Does it fill your belly? Now take 3 long, slow, deep breaths. How …

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4 reasons to eat Sourdough bread

Wheat contains gluten that is linked to many health problems. The process of fermentation reduces and eliminates gluten while providing probiotics and enzymes our bodies use to break down our food. Sourdough is a fermented bread product.  Fresh Sourdough contains probiotics that heal our gut and detoxifies us from gluten. Fresh baked …

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Join Heather Purple Yoga Thursday’s 8:30 A.M.

Come to a class about functional strength and alignment of the joints at Liberation yoga! Anyone can benefit from taking this class that begins with a meditation. With the use of props to assist if necessary, it is suitable for all levels. There is a focus on the spine as to …

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Recipe: Simple baked sweet potatoes or yams

Try these as a sweet delicious snack or side side dish for any meal or any time. Breakfast lunch or dinner Sweet potatoes or yams Coconu Oil Cinnamon Honey or maple Cut Sweet potatoes or yams up into half inch pieces. Put a little coconut oil, cinnamon, honey or maple on them …

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Private karate lessons: Learn Self Defense

Learn Karate & Self Defense with Kent As a personal trainer I can design a class for your specific needs and desires Become strong, flexible, graceful, and mindful Come into balance Cultivate self respect, self love, self discipline, and self control Get in shape & learn self defense Learn the …

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