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Driverless cars are changing the future of automobiles

I am super excited about the future of automobiles. I love the idea of driverless cars. They are going to change the way we think of transportation and commuting. Sooner than later this is becoming a reality. Drivers will no longer need to focus on driving while in traffic or look for parking. Drivers will find more and more extra time for surfing the net, reading, eating, drinking, anything.
I love reading the various updates from the technology giants involved in this race. Google, Uber, Apple, and Tesla all distinct unique advantages. Here is a summary of some highlights

  • Google has received a patent for self driving cars
  • Google is going for fully autonomous Level 4 no human intervention needed cars.
  • Tesla has already released autonomous Level 2 software update and it seems to be working well. Videos all over Youtube of how people are using it
  • Uber recently hired many robotic scientists. I’m excited for Driverless taxis
  • Google is going to war with Uber over self driving taxes

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