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3 ways Burning Man changed our lives

Burning Man is a week long social experiment that takes place in Black Rock City, a temporary city in Black Rock desert Nevada. The city is built from scratch every year and hand cleaned by volunteer Earth Gaurdians after the event is over.

  1. We do our best to Leave no trace – Burning Man is a leave no trace event. Everyone who comes takes home all the trash they bring. There are no trash cans. Going to Burning Man has made us far more aware of trash and how it affects our environment and how it affects us. Who picks it up? Where does it go? What would it be like if each individual did the best they could to recycle, reduce, and reuse their “trash”.
  2. We are radically self reliant – One of the 10 principals of burning man is radical self reliance. We bring enough for food, water, clothing, supplies, for ourselves every where we go. We do not expect someone to provide for us. At Burning Man everyone needs to bring enough to support themselves all week. Living in the harsh environment of the Black Rock Desert has taught us to prepare ourselves in every situation.
  3. We acknowledge the art in all – Burning Man has shown us anything can be art. Radical self expression is another principal of Burning Man. It is amazing to see all of the creative projects, costumes, events, art cars, sculptures, fire art, etc. We love interactive art. Especially art that allows us to climb it, ride it, create sounds and music, lights up, or something I’ve never imagined before. People dress in mind blowing costumes and put on stunning performances everything from the mundane to the insane.


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