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6 Basics for Achieving Perfect Health

According to Bashar there are 6 steps we need to take to achieve perfect health. Video of Bashar below.
I have combined Bashar’s insight with my own knowledge to provide the basic steps for achieving perfect health.

  1. Air. Air contains oxygen and prana. The life force of life itself. Prana, ji, ki, chi, kundalini is the energy that flows through our bodies.
    Breathing air deeply with even inhales and exhales balances our bodies pH, minerals, and restores health. It balances and calms our minds. A stable pH allows our minerals to stay in balance and supports our immune system.
    Clean air purifies our bodies and cleans our minds.
    Tip: count the length of your inhale and exhale to see if it’s even
  2. Water. Natural living water provides us with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and hydration. Some water, like distilled water or purified water, is stripped of nutrients and only flushes our body system. Adding nutrients back into the water can restore many of it’s benefits.
    Clean water is essential to allow toxins to flow and flush from our bodies.  We are beings who are made mostly of water.
    Dr Emoto and his water experiments shows, blessing our water can enhance quality, structure, and purity of our water.
  3. Physical Movement. Our bodies need physical activity to function in physical reality. Using our body strengthens, coordinates, trains, lengthens, detoxifies, and conditions it. Use it or lose it.
    Yoga can be very effective to cultivate and develop functional strength and functional mobility
  4. Reduce Stress. Our bodies repair and function best when in a calm relaxed state with minimal stress upon it. Reduce contact with stressful environments and stressful activities. Be kind to our bodies by minimizing stress to allow our body the best possibility to repair and function smoothly.
    Deep belly breathing can be very effective at relaxing our bodies and reducing effects of stress.
  5. Detoxification. Air toxins limit our ability to absorb oxygen and prana and increases our toxicity. Due to current society practices our food, water, air, and bodies are polluted.
    Buildup of toxins is detrimental to our health. Elimination of toxins is essential for a fully functioning body.
    Sulfur, vitamin C, deep breathing, contact with the earth, physical movement, and water will detox our bodies and cleanse our minds.
  6. Nutrients. Our bodies need nutrients to function optimally in this world. There are many essential nutrients that come from outside our body. Many of these nutrients are needed in trace amounts and need to be balanced in proper ratios. Extra nutrients and minerals are needed to flush out the toxins from our system so we may function more efficiently with more clarity. Eat light nutrient dense foods.


Video of Bashar speaking below. Highly recommended

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