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6 simple solutions for common ailments

Many conditions out there that can be balanced out with simple edible solutions

  1. Are you peeing frequently? Are you always thirsty?

    Salt contains the essential mineral sodium. Mineral salts contains more than pure sodium. They are rich in other essential minerals too. Sodium is essential for water absorption.
    Use  chemical free and unprocessed natural salts like sea salt or pink mountain salt. Eat some salt regularly because all sodium is released from our system when we urinate.
  2. Do you have dry cracked skin or red splotches? Do you have a dry cough?
    Natural unprocessed edible oil can help. It is essential for soft moist supple skin and hair. Oil can be consumed or used topically. Coconut oil, sesame oil, and almond oil are good for cooking and drinking. We can flush our sinuses with oil to cleanse and moisturize them.
  3. Feeling sluggish? Brain seems foggy?
    Sugar is fuel for our mind and body. Use organic sugar from natural sources like fruit, honey, maple. Consume sugar in it’s natural form. Add sugar sparingly.
  4. Need to detox? Do you have injuries? Do you have scar tissue? 
    Organic natural sulfur is a nutrient needed to detoxify and repair the body. Scar tissue, wrinkles, brittle nails, are all a result of insufficient sulfur for your body to repair itself.  It is used in oxygen transportation and cellular repair in all cells. The nutrient sulfur can be consumed daily for optimal functionality and repair. Garlic and onions are rich in sulfur
  5. Feeling snotty? Spitting up mucous? Inflammation? Body ache? Brain fog?
    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is a powerhouse of the immune system. Eating an organce or tangerine or a slice of organic lime or lemon in a glass of water is great way to consume vitamin C. It eliminates large amounts of mucus very quickly, restores clarity to the mind, alkalizes the blood pH, and reduces inflammation, which can reduce aching.
  6. Auto immune issues? Digestive issues? Inflammation?
    There are 100 trillion bacteria in our digestive tract. Are probiotics are the kind of bacteria that eats toxins we consume and excretes vitamins we need. We can replace the bacteria in our body system with probiotics that eat toxins and excrete vitamins. Eating fresh fermented foods is one way to cultivate this. Fermented foods include pickles and sauerkraut.


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