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3 simple ways to bring happiness to our lives with our mind

We are always changing, guiding, influencing our reality experience with our thoughts, our focus, our ideas. With the power of our minds we can cultivate and develop more happiness in our lives. We can have fun creatively exploring depths and edges of our imagination, our perception, our mind.

What’s the best that can happen?

  1. We can ask ourselves open ended questions
    Every time we ask any question our mind seeks out the answer. It will come to us in one way or another. Open ended questions allow our mind to explore infinite possibilities.
    How would it feel to perceive more and more of what I love, more and more often?
  2. We can focus on that which we prefer
    What we focus on grows. We are powerful magnets. Whatever we focus on amplifies, attracts, multiplies, and manifests in our reality experience.
    What would it feel like to feel better and better, more and more often?
  3. We can take a moment and choose to focus on our best moments, more and more often.
    We can choose to re-live our best moments in our mind and feel clear vivid amplified delicious exhilarating consuming 5 sense detail.
    How can it get better than this?



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