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3 powerful benefits of yoga

Yoga has been one of the most beneficial activities for my life. It is far more than something I do in a class for an hour. It has become who I am, my lifestyle, and my way of doing and being.

I first got into yoga because I was looking for a powerful work out that could heal the aches I was left with after years of karate and working at a computer desk.

  1. Yoga heals and restores my body – Yoga has given me the tools to just that. I have learned how to stand, relax, and engage at the right time with the right amount of force and grace
  2. Yoga cultivates internal peace –  Meditation which is one branch or aspect of Yoga has taught me how to be fine with who and where I am right now.
  3. Yoga develops focus – Before I started yoga my mind would race around. I had constant mind chatter. From practicing daily kriyas, asanas, and mantras my mind has sharpened and focuses.


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