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Is sleeping on a bed beneficial or back breaking?

Hi there! I’ve decided to share information on a recent lifestyle change. I have been sleeping on the carpeted floor for the past month. It all started when my partner Kent who is 6’6″ had consistent back pain for several months. As we are both yogis as well as yoga instructors, our lifestyle revolves around going back to the basics to be as healthy as possible. He never fit well in my metal canopy bed anyway and I am happy to not wake up to seeing his arm tangled between metal bars and his head smashed against one. On the floor he is free to spread out and stretch while he sleeps. The ultimate reason however was him waking up stiff with back pain from sleeping on the bed. The mattress is not soft, it is medium basic with no extra cushioning. I’ve never had any issues with it but sleeping on the floor seems to have relieved an issue in my thorasic spine (bra line) and his catching hip or sciatica or whatever formal name you’d like to give his hip not integrating correctly into the hip socket causing tension and pain. We have both decided sleeping on the floor is superior and that we are ill informed about sleeping on beds. Why do we sleep on soft absorbing surfaces? There is little discussion in this area so I have been doing a little research on it myself and I found this interesting article that I want to share. It seems sleeping on the floor can possibly cure many issues and increase bone density. There is a paleo movement supporting this idea as well as other older cultures that do not sleep on mattresses.  This is so interesting and could help so many people I am excited!

-Heather Purple

Here is one very interesting article:  http://www.zafu.net/sleepergonomics.html and the one that lead me to that article is also interesting found here:       http://www.paleodietandliving.com/paleo-living/sleep/sleep-which-surface-is-best/





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