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3 ways the nutrient Sulfur makes us younger

Sulfur naturally comes from volcanic activity that is then absorbed into the oceans. Rain clouds collect the sulfur and spread it across the lands to allow life to flourish. It is needed in plant and animal on a cellular level.

Current practices have stripped sulfur from the land. Pesticides, cooking, transportation, freezing, genetic modification, anti-caking agents has reduced the amount of sulfur in the soil and food.

Natural vegetarian sources of Organic Sulfur is more bio available and more easily absorbed. Sulfur can be eaten daily. Natural sulfur rich foods include garlic, kale, onion, legumes, brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, horseradish, mustard

You don’t need to eat it. Sulfur can absorb through your skin. Epsom salt baths and sulfur hot springs are an enjoyable way to absorb more sulfur.

Be aware sulfates, sulfites, sulfadyls, are hidden in many products and are considered toxic

  1. Sulfur heals our bodies & restores scar tissue
    Sulfur allows cell & scar tissue repair & regrowth. It improves oxygen circulation and restore elasticity to blood vessels It relaxes muscles, which increases flexibility and blood circulation as well as reduces soreness and inflammation. This nutrient assists in breaking down bone spurs
  2. Sulfur purifies our bodies
    Sulfur assists in removing toxins from our body. It eliminates free radicals and allergens. This reduces reactions to allergens including food, physical contact, and inhaled irritants. Eliminating toxins increases nutrient absorption.
  3. Sulfur makes us more beautiful
    Sulfur is a beauty mineral. It supports shiny strong hair. It restores and repairs our skin and removes toxins from our skin. It improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. It reduces skin blemishes.

At first consuming sulfur may detox the body. Flu like symptoms may appear. This will pass as the body detoxes from radiation, metals, toxins, parasites. Vitamin C will help ease and possibly negate the effects of this process


More info on Sulfur here  and info on nutreints including Sulfur here

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