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4 Guidelines we follow for choosing the food we eat

Many people ask us how we choose the food we eat.  Here are 4 guidelines we like to follow

  1. We read the label on everything we consume. We look up ingredients we don’t know before we eat them.
  2. We do our best to eat non gmo, organic, chemical free, preservative free, additive free real food that grows from the earth, as often as possible. Real foods from the earth, includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, mushrooms, superfoods, spices, and herbs.
  3. We don’t eat meat because we can get better quality nutrition else where and in a more bio available form. We don’t like to kill animals. We practice non violence. Animals are beings too. Many animals being prepared for slaughter live their lives unsanitary conditions. Many meats contain hormones and anti biotics that were fed to
    the animal and stay in the meat.
  4. We buy most of our food from our local farmers market. Our food providers are our friends who we see weekly.


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